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NZ Payday Loans and Cash Advances

Our interest rate is 200% per year or 0.5479% per day. An establishment fee of $86.00 is applied to each loan and this may be discounted for loans under $400. An optional fee of $5 is charged if you want an Express Payment of 60 minutes into your bank account. An Account Administration Fee of $6.10 per month is applied to each loan. A pay day loan is for a short term only, usually 2-6 weeks or until your next pay. Don't use this type of loan if you need to make repayments over a longer period. Applications for bad credit loans considered.

We have helped thousands of people in New Zealand when they've needed it most

How much can I borrow and do I qualify?

The amount you can borrow depends on your income and expenses. $600 is the most anyone can borrow and not all customers will qualify for this amount when fast cash loans are approved. You must be working and earning at least $450 per week after tax. We don't lend to anyone who is bankrupt or on a government benefit. NO BENEFICIARIES.

Not sure if you should get a loan? Look at the videos called "It's all good" from the NZ Commerce Commission which explain your rights. It's all good.

Applying for payday loans with Cash Relief is all online and very easy to do. You can complete the form anytime – 24/7. Have your photo ID and bank account details handy – you need these to submit an application. There’s no awkward face-to-face meetings, just a simple online form when you apply for a small cash loan.

  • Thanks Cash Relief you're exactly what you say, open and up front. Well done a loan company that is what it says!!

    Malcom, Otahuhu
  • That will be great thanks. Your service is superb. Have a great weekend, Cheers.

    Diane, Southland
  • Thanks very much Cash Relief staff. You are awesome.

    Fale, Auckland
  • I recommend Cash Relief to anyone in who needs money quickly. Very friendly customer service and very helpful. If ever you're in need of some urgent cash then choose Cash Relief!

    J Henry, Auckland

About us

Cash Relief is a New Zealand owned and operated business and we’ve been helping kiwis since 2011 with same day loans. Our costs are transparent and you won’t find any hidden or nasty surprises. If you’re unsure how much your loan will cost, contact our friendly team during business hours or phone 0800 081 080.

You can use our loans for any purpose – from unexpected bills such as car repairs or medical bills to a cash advance until your next payday.

Please make sure you can afford the loan repayments before applying for a short term loan. Use the loan calculator to show how much you loan will cost. Late repayments may result in serious money problems for you and have a negative effect on your credit rating and will cost you more than the original agreed repayment amount.