What Is A ShortTerm Loan


Short-term simply means that the loan is designed to be repaid within a short amount of time. Most bank loans or personal loans have repayment plans lasting months or years, and because they are over a longer period, the applications process is more detailed and usually takes longer. Short term loans are usually for smaller amounts, up to $1500. It's easy to apply for this type of online rather than having to leave your home and apply for a loan at a bank.


Short-term loans usually have the repayments set up to match your pay day and are designed for times when there is a tight squeeze on your finances when life throws you a curve ball and you need a small amount of money very, very quickly.


So, what's the difference between short-term loans, payday loans and cash advances?


In essence, short-term loans, payday loans and cash advances are the same, meaning that payday loans and cash advances are a type of short-term loan. All three loan types provide a boost of money in an emergency to approved borrowers that need it. The pay-back period is relatively short. Cash Relief loans are different from old style payday loans by providing flexible repayment options. While traditional payday loan lenders require the loan to be fully repaid on your next payday, Cash Relief offers the option of spreading the payments over several weeks. You can choose 6 weekly payments, of 3 fortnightly payments or 1 monthly payment. The interest and fees are built into the loan. This means you can spread the repayments over a longer period of time, making the loan more manageable.


When you apply for a short term loan with Cash Relief, you can select the repayment options – either pay it all back on your next payday, or spread over several weeks.

  What can Cash Relief short term loans be used for? 

You can use a short term loan from Cash Relief for any reason. But it should be a good reason. And don’t borrow any more than you really need. It might seem like a good idea to put a bit of extra cash in your pocket, but remember, it all has to be paid back – with interest. At Cash Relief, we recommend you only borrow short term for unexpected emergencies such as a medical bill or car repairs. Don’t borrow for luxuries, gifts, holidays etc. There are cheaper loan types for this kind of borrowing. When you borrow money, you must consent to a Credit Contract and failure to abide by the terms of the contract can lead to serious money problems and a poor credit rating. In the end, it’s up to the client how the spend the money once it has been transferred to the client’s bank account.


Why choose Cash Relief instead of another lender?

  Another way to put this question is to ask, “Which is the best lender for me?” Cash Relief is a responsible lender and is a registered financial service provider. The best thing to do is shop around – most lenders of short term loans have loan calculators on their website so you can see how much the loan will cost. But beware of hidden charges such as direct debit fees and other charges that may apply. Even though you need the money in a hurry, it’s worth taking a bit of extra time to find the best lender for your situation. We are confident you will find Cash Relief to be a good and helpful lender if you choose us.


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